Another Day Without Cookies…

Unfortunately, I don’t have any cookies for you today.

Again. I know.

Blame a six day stretch at work, laziness, or the fact that I haven’t found a good vegan sriracha recipe I want to try. (And I’m going to leave it at that so you can stew in the suspense of what kind of cookie could possibly taste good while laced with sriracha…)

But I thought you could all use a little update on life. And cookie trucks.

Mainly cookie trucks.

Because that’s what I’ve decided I’d like to do. Drive a cookie truck, that is. Because you cannot believe how incredibly cool and exciting the Bay Area food truck community is. I’ve spent the last couple of months getting to know as much as I can about the food trucks and the food truck organizations and personalities in the area–and I’m seeing a serious lack of vegan cookies.

But they DO have a karaoke ice cream truck...and that's all kinds of AMAZING.

So I’ve started doing the research, and, besides the fact that it’s going to be exponentially more financially difficult to start up than just a regular ol’ farmers market type business, it’s the best route to take for growth, versatility, and exposure.

My goal is to spend some more time getting to know the Bay Area food truck world and to start building a business plan that will help me conquer the cupcakes, one cookie at a time.

If you’d like to support my efforts, you can always donate at my GoFundMe page (&, trust me, every single penny is appreciated!!).

So there’s that. Until next time, you can find me at the Moveable Feast,

Love & Cookies,




A Blogger’s Lament

I remember a time when I was good at keeping up with a blog.

It was easy: the content was available, the time was plenty, and the schedule was actually mandated by my employer. (I think that last part helped the most.)

I was writing for the Columbia Arts Initiative blog, and I was seeing 3-4 pieces of theatre a week–and on weeks when I saw less, I was being sent by the CUAI to various events around the city to review. Blogging was a piece of cake.

And then I started a blog about baking (speaking of cake).

I read a lot of baking blogs. A LOT. And the one thing that goes through my mind consistently as I flit from blog to blog, recipe to recipe, is: “How the hell do these women have the time or money to come up with a new recipe, write about it, and still have a life and/or a job and/or a family every single day?” I am confuzzled. (Which is like being confused, but cuter.)

I work in retail. That means that my schedule is dictated by the mall’s hours, the demands of the store, and the season, as well as the availability of my coworkers. That means that my wallet is often only as full as paying off my college loans and my car and my gas and my monthly expenses will allow. That means sometimes I work “clopeners” and get a few hours of sleep (and blog reading time) in between night and morning shifts. That means that I can’t always afford to have a batch of Garlic and Hazelnut cookies in the oven.

But, for all of my complaining, there are women (and men!) out there who somehow manage to keep up with their cooking blogs on a usually-daily basis–despite the fact that they have children and jobs and sometimes even reasons to leave their houses that don’t involve running errands. So I’m going to work on that.

I may not always have another cookie recipe for you, but I’m going to do my darndest to keep you up to date on the growth and development of KP’s Cookies…

So look forward to more. I’ll be here, ready and waiting for ya!

Love & Cookies,


PS If any bloggers out there want to share some tips on blogging time management, I’m all ears. Or eyes, I suppose, if you reply in the comments section…

More Than a Spoonful of Sugar Caramel Meltaways

I’d like to dedicate the following recipe to my friend Jen, who I’ve known about 8 million playground minutes (roughly translated, to those who speak grown-up, into 17 years). Why Jen? Because she’s my hero, plain and simple (PS, this post is going to get real wordy real quickly. There’s a picture of cookies at the bottom to reward the intrepid readers amongst you):

Two nights ago (for those of you on East Coast time…otherwise, it’s still two hours until yesterday…um, right. Moving on:), Jen proved (as she has, time and time again over the last several years), that it is fully possible to live your dream. Hokey? Absolutely. Doesn’t make it any less true.

Jen is the girl sitting right in the center & I'm on her right. Things haven't changed all that much since 1997!

I met Jen in a drama camp at the local JCC, where we became “orphan sisters” in the summer production of Annie. I was eight at the time, and she was nine–and already Jen was the ring leader of what would become an incredibly strong group of friends, (the inexplicably named) Tuna Fish Club.

Members of the Tuna Fish Club...I honestly don't know how that name happened.

Even at the ripe old age of nine, Jen loved theatre. And as the years passed, Jen made it pretty clear that it was her mission in life to work on Broadway, and to be the person whose words would transcend history with the story of drama in our time.

That’s a pretty heavy mission to carry around on nine year old shoulders, but Jen carried it–all the way to New York City, where she studied theatre and later fell in with a crowd of up-and-coming theatre hopefuls. With them, she made it to Broadway…and that was only the start.

Remember that time we "went to the Tony Awards" by standing awkwardly outside of Radio City for an hour?

About a year and a half ago (give or take), Jen and one of her friends started a small cabaret style theatre show called If It Only Even Runs A Minute, which revived forgotten musicals, and put them, and their stories back on stage. It was part of the New York Musical Theatre Festival, and it apparently turned a couple of heads. I say that, because two nights ago, Jen brought If It Only Even Runs A Minute 8 to Joe’s Pub–and for those of you in the know, that’s a really, freaking huge deal.

Why tell this story? And what does it have to do with cookies? Well, in my life, I’ve realized that there are three kinds of people: The people who have dreams that fall into their laps by way of luck, money, or magic; the people who sit around hoping their dreams will come true; and the people who actually just go out and make things happen.

Jen has always, always been one of the latter kinds of people. She’s been fearless in her pursuit of her goals, and now I’m firmly convinced that Jen is poised to become a theatre historian for our time, one of the definitive voices of our generation. I am so incredibly proud of her–and at the same time, I’m in awe of her courage. She is and always has been one of my heroes…and I’ve finally come to the point in my own career that I am ready to stop being a hoper and become a do-er like her.

I’ve realized that I cannot live fearlessly–but I can live courageously. I can do things, like pack up my life and move across the country. Or lease a car in my own name and start a new job. Or hop into a car I’ve never driven onto a highway that’s completely foreign and get to my destination without getting lost. Or walk into the Office of the Clerk-Reporter and fill out the form to declare my business official in Santa Clara Valley.

So, as of two days ago, KP’s Cookies is a real thing. I may not have any money, but I have a plan. And I’m looking forward to making my dreams come true–and I know they’ll run more than a minute.

I said all of that to set you up for the cookie to follow. I’ve called them “More Than a Spoonful of Sugar”* Caramel Meltaways. Jen, these are for you!

Love & Cookies,


*This title only makes sense if you know musicals.** Or Julie Andrews. Or if you can’t stand musicals or Julie Andrews (which is none of you, because that’s obviously blasphemy) but just want to get literal (since there’s sugar in and around the cookie), then that works too…

**And, yes, I realize that Mary Poppins was a movie first. It still counts. Mainly because I thought about making a She Loves Me Vanilla Ice Cream Cookie, and the logistics of making a vegan, potentially shippable cookie made my head spin.

EDIT: If you would like to help me get KP’s Cookies off of the ground, please visit my GOFUNDME Page!