French Toast and Guest Stars on the West Coast

…as you might have noticed, I haven’t been posting for a little while. Craziness at work aside, I’ve spent the last several days preparing for–and then taking–my very first trip to California. Now I’m here in Silicon Valley, visiting my mom & younger brother, who made the exodus out here just a few short months ago.

While this trip was LONG overdue, I’m glad I had the chance to take it when I did: My plane touched down on the afternoon of my brother’s 12th birthday!

Even though I’m 13 years older than Jack, I have a really great relationship with him. When I moved home about a year and a half ago, he and I had a chance to bond over iCarly, Harry Potter, and cookies. Ever since he moved, however, it’s been harder to be a part of his life. I still call him to find out his reactions to the new episodes of iCarly or to hear about the newest handmade wand he purchased with leftover Christmas money, but it’s a lot harder to make cookies for him to taste-test.

Last spring, after he had a bad day with a bully, I made up a recipe that combined two of his favorite things: french toast and Snickerdoodles. Jack’s French Toast Cookies were an instant hit–and he’s been asking for them ever since. So it was only fitting that I make him some French Toast Cookies for his birthday.

And, because I wanted to spend as much time as possible with him (and not just hidden in the kitchen, while he played angry birds on Mom’s iPhone), I asked him if he wanted to help out. The answer? Well, I’ll let you see for yourself:

Love & Cookies,



I was so happy to see you, I baked you a pie!

Welcome to the home of KP’s Cookies, where the first ingredient in every cookie I bake is love!

Please check out the “About Me” section to learn a little about the crazy cook* behind this website, and the “About the Cookies” section to learn a little bit about how KP’s Cookies came to be. You can also browse the cookie menu, where I have posted many of the different flavors of cookies I’ve baked over the years–but if there’s something you don’t see & think needs to be added, let me know! If you can dream it, I can bake it.

I’ll be posting blogs about my baking and videos of my various recipes here, so feel free to check in often to see the amazing-ness that’s most recently come out of my kitchen. And if seeing the cookies isn’t enough, you can feel free to send me an email and order a custom batch at kpscookies (at) gmail (dot) com.

Today’s video features my world famous Apple Pie Cookies, in honor of fall!

Hope you enjoy!

Love & Cookies,


*or kook, or both. Whichever you think best applies!