About Me

So here’s how it happened:

During senior year of high school, I baked my best friend a batch of chocolate chip cookies. Through happy accident, I ended up tripling the vanilla and throwing in a dash or two of some spices I’d never tried in cookies before, and, lo and behold, the Better Than Chocolate Chip Cookie was born.

Flash forward to college, when the stress of writing a thesis and a full length play (and, oh, how I wish for such “stress” now) drove me to the kitchen, where I started turning out batch after batch of cookies in an effort to calm my mind and find my center. In the process, I also ended up making my roommates and creative writing classmates very happy.

And then I discovered the extra chai tea in the pantry.

Over the holidays, I went fishing in my mother’s pantry for something interesting and new to create. And the two extra boxes of chai tea got me thinking: why not put it in a cookie? From that one idea, the Vanilla Chai Tea Latte Cookie was born–shortly followed by the Double Chocolate Caramel Macchiato Cookie, and many more.

I spent a whole semester running “Kay’s Cookies,” a delivery-based cookie company, which fed many a theatre major and sorority girl at the University of Florida. I was dead set on attending pastry school upon graduation (a rather strange goal for a girl who was also dead set on becoming a playwright and a college professor, but, hey, why not?). Unfortunately, the economy tanked, and the pastry program to which I’d been accepted closed.

I spent a year teaching high school drama in my home town, and another year working on a Masters in Fine Arts in New York. All the while, my kitchen saw the creation and consumption of batch after batch of homemade cookies.

Now, after a year of working toward breaking even; after a year of retail and baked-on-my-day-off batches of Vegan Almond Butter Oatmeal & Pineapple Upside Down Cake cookies; after a year of thinking about the possibilities of an at-home custom cookie company, KP’s Cookies is here.

And I, KP, am ready for it. My kitchen awaits your every desire. And if you can dream it, I can bake it.

This website is my first bite into my dream of sharing my cookies with the world–and damn, does it taste good!

Love & Cookies,



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