Another Day Without Cookies…

Unfortunately, I don’t have any cookies for you today.

Again. I know.

Blame a six day stretch at work, laziness, or the fact that I haven’t found a good vegan sriracha recipe I want to try. (And I’m going to leave it at that so you can stew in the suspense of what kind of cookie could possibly taste good while laced with sriracha…)

But I thought you could all use a little update on life. And cookie trucks.

Mainly cookie trucks.

Because that’s what I’ve decided I’d like to do. Drive a cookie truck, that is. Because you cannot believe how incredibly cool and exciting the Bay Area food truck community is. I’ve spent the last couple of months getting to know as much as I can about the food trucks and the food truck organizations and personalities in the area–and I’m seeing a serious lack of vegan cookies.

But they DO have a karaoke ice cream truck...and that's all kinds of AMAZING.

So I’ve started doing the research, and, besides the fact that it’s going to be exponentially more financially difficult to start up than just a regular ol’ farmers market type business, it’s the best route to take for growth, versatility, and exposure.

My goal is to spend some more time getting to know the Bay Area food truck world and to start building a business plan that will help me conquer the cupcakes, one cookie at a time.

If you’d like to support my efforts, you can always donate at my GoFundMe page (&, trust me, every single penny is appreciated!!).

So there’s that. Until next time, you can find me at the Moveable Feast,

Love & Cookies,




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