A Blogger’s Lament

I remember a time when I was good at keeping up with a blog.

It was easy: the content was available, the time was plenty, and the schedule was actually mandated by my employer. (I think that last part helped the most.)

I was writing for the Columbia Arts Initiative blog, and I was seeing 3-4 pieces of theatre a week–and on weeks when I saw less, I was being sent by the CUAI to various events around the city to review. Blogging was a piece of cake.

And then I started a blog about baking (speaking of cake).

I read a lot of baking blogs. A LOT. And the one thing that goes through my mind consistently as I flit from blog to blog, recipe to recipe, is: “How the hell do these women have the time or money to come up with a new recipe, write about it, and still have a life and/or a job and/or a family every single day?” I am confuzzled. (Which is like being confused, but cuter.)

I work in retail. That means that my schedule is dictated by the mall’s hours, the demands of the store, and the season, as well as the availability of my coworkers. That means that my wallet is often only as full as paying off my college loans and my car and my gas and my monthly expenses will allow. That means sometimes I work “clopeners” and get a few hours of sleep (and blog reading time) in between night and morning shifts. That means that I can’t always afford to have a batch of Garlic and Hazelnut cookies in the oven.

But, for all of my complaining, there are women (and men!) out there who somehow manage to keep up with their cooking blogs on a usually-daily basis–despite the fact that they have children and jobs and sometimes even reasons to leave their houses that don’t involve running errands. So I’m going to work on that.

I may not always have another cookie recipe for you, but I’m going to do my darndest to keep you up to date on the growth and development of KP’s Cookies…

So look forward to more. I’ll be here, ready and waiting for ya!

Love & Cookies,


PS If any bloggers out there want to share some tips on blogging time management, I’m all ears. Or eyes, I suppose, if you reply in the comments section…


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