Donate to KP’s Cookies

Friends, Romans, Cookie Lovers, lend me your cookie jars:

I have taken a giant leap–head first–into the scary world of business ownership. In order to fund my project, I need your help.

I need AT LEAST $5000 to get started–so that I can do important things like rent a commercial kitchen & buy health permits & liability insurance. I also need to buy packing and shipping supplies, and pay for entry fees at my local farmers’ markets (not to mention the flour and sugar with which to make the cookies!).

Why should you donate? Because the sooner that I am able to get up and running, the sooner I’ll be able to figure out how to pack and ship my cookies to you!

Every dollar that you donate puts another cookie in the oven–and also gives me an oven to put them in! I’m not rolling in dough, but the sooner I have some funds, I can be rolling in cookie batter!

Please, please, please donate–even just a little bit will help! You can donate at my GoFundMe page–and, if you love my cookies, send the link to your friends, family, and distant Facebook acquaintances! I thank you so, so, so much, from the very bottom of my heart,

Love and Cookies,



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