Hello there, cookie-loving blogosphere! I’m so sorry to have fallen off the face of the virtual earth, but since coming back from California, my kitchen time has been close to nil. As much as I’d like to spend my life in the kitchen, and while my heart is happiest when my hands are covered in powdered sugar, my wallet is firmly wedded to my full time retail job. And it’s the holidays.

And holidays in retail mean very little energy for anything but the holidays in retail.

Fortunately for me, I do have a few quick-and-easy recipes that I keep with me for such time-crunched, energy-less days, such as my Eggless Banana Cookies! And while the tropical banana may not seem like a fitting basis for a holiday-time cookie, it more than earns its keep in my year-long all-star cookie rotation.

My banana cookies are eggless, and can be made with real butter or with a butter substitute for the vegans among us–which is fabulous, because this means that I can make them for me and my sister when she visits for Thanksgiving in a few weeks! Anyway, I’m off to work,  where the environment itself is bananas…but I hope that while I’m there you can take a few seconds to enjoy the real fruit:

Love & Cookies,



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