Unusual and unexpected

It happened innocently enough, a simple question asked in the back of house while my friends bit into the copy cat Thin Mint cookies I made for my friend Rhett’s birthday: “What kind of cookies should I make next?”

Of course I got the usual: banana cookies, chocolate chip, peanut butter…and I said, “fine, I’ll see what I can come up with.”

I didn’t get far, because the next day, my friend Sidney issued me a challenge: biscotti.

I’d never really tried to make biscotti before, since I’m more of your super-soft-and-chewy-pillowy-anything-peanut-butter-or-chocolate kind of gal, so the hard, crunchy, dip-me-in-coffee-or-break-your-teeth kind of cookie never really did it for me. But I took the challenge, because what kind of woman would I be if I let a challenge pass me by?

And then, of course, he threw a curveball: Pistachios, apricots, chocolate.

And so I made it happen.

What I like about these biscotti–twice baked cookies–is that they’re not the hard, stale-tasting cookies I remember coming on the side of my mom’s coffee saucer at an Italian restaurant. In fact, I suddenly understand why people like them so much. This particular recipe has the perfect combination between moisture & crumble, and when I bring them in to work, they disappear faster than any cookie I’ve made so far, Better Than Chocolate Chip Cookies excepted (because the two are pretty much on par for disappearance speed).

What I find so funny is that they’re unexpectedly popular…It’s not every day that you hear requests for ingredients like apricots or pistachios, and biscotti are certainly not the first cookies you find at your typical bake sale. But I like that these cookies, despite their unusual nature, still have the charm and charisma, if you will, to outperform your run-of-the-mill peanut butter or sugar cookies.

Here’s how the biscotti are made:

PS Happy birthday, Sidney! Thank you for inspiring me to make these cookies–and to take the first steps to make KP’s Cookies a reality!

Love & Cookies,



2 responses

  1. KP Cookies set new standards of excellence that would make world famous chefs blush in trepidation at the mere thought of trying to compete with Kaila’s mastery on this side of the culinary arts. And her creme de la creme entry, in my not so humble opinion, is far and away these chocolate chocolate chip pistachio and apricot biscotti! I mean honestly, I had never experienced a cookie hangover in my life; but then one day…

    Seriously, order your cookies now, because before long the only place you’ll see them is on private order menu’s for dignitaries the world over!

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