Reconnected (with Double Mocha Caramel Cookies)

I know a lady never reveals her true age…but I guess I’m not much a lady because I have no problem telling you how absolutely freaked out I am by the concept that I am turning 25 next month.

I know that every 20-something blogger worth her weight in Facebook “likes” & retweets has put in her two cents on the concept of the quarter-life crisis, but I figure there’s no harm in adding my own loose change to the pot.

See, I don’t know when it happened, but two very big shifts happened in the last (gulp) seven years since high school. Shift one: My Facebook newsfeed (or whatever they’re calling the constant stream of status updates these days) went from displaying “what I drank last night at my (insert college and/or fraternity name here) party” to “what we drank at our wedding/engagement party/baby shower.” I’m not okay with this, since my longest relationship only lasted a few months (during several of which we didn’t even live in the same state), and the only child I’m ever going to have has fur and a tail.

and she *loves* being an only child....


Shift two: old, long lost friends have suddenly popped back into my life in a big way. People whose faces I haven’t seen since we graduated (and some I haven’t seen since we graduated middle school…) have shown up in my inbox, on my telephone, and even in the mall where I work. It’s pretty exciting, this whole concept of being reconnected…and it makes me wonder why I ever let some of these people fall out of my life.

I suppose that I shouldn’t look at my quarter-life crisis as a “crisis”–there’s a lot to look forward to in the next 3/4 of my life, especially if the amazing people who helped make the first part so great keep coming back.

I mention this because I filled my very first official order for KP’s cookies yesterday. The girl (woman? what are we now?) who ordered them was one of my very best friends through high school, and she and I really hadn’t had the chance to speak probably since the very first winter break of college (2005, I’m looking at you!). I made her dad a birthday batch of my Double Mocha Caramel Cookies. Here’s what the process looked like:

Hm. It’s strange….just as I’m dealing with one of the hardest transitions in my life (accepting my move into the other side of 20-something), so am I dealing with the two most difficult ingredients I could handle in my home kitchen. It’s all so time-bound–waste a moment and your sugar burns or your chocolate seizes. Turn your back and you’ve lost the whole recipe and have to start over. But do it right…well, do it right, and the sugar stays connected and the chocolate stays shiny & smooth. Do it right and you have a hell of a cookie on your hands. Or in your mouth. Whatever works for you.

Here’s hoping I get this right. Step one: make sure those reconnections are correctly bound into my life again so it’s shiny & smooth sailing to step two. Whatever that may be.

Love & Cookies,



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