I was so happy to see you, I baked you a pie!

Welcome to the home of KP’s Cookies, where the first ingredient in every cookie I bake is love!

Please check out the “About Me” section to learn a little about the crazy cook* behind this website, and the “About the Cookies” section to learn a little bit about how KP’s Cookies came to be. You can also browse the cookie menu, where I have posted many of the different flavors of cookies I’ve baked over the years–but if there’s something you don’t see & think needs to be added, let me know! If you can dream it, I can bake it.

I’ll be posting blogs about my baking and videos of my various recipes here, so feel free to check in often to see the amazing-ness that’s most recently come out of my kitchen. And if seeing the cookies isn’t enough, you can feel free to send me an email and order a custom batch at kpscookies (at) gmail (dot) com.

Today’s video features my world famous Apple Pie Cookies, in honor of fall!

Hope you enjoy!

Love & Cookies,


*or kook, or both. Whichever you think best applies!


4 responses

  1. Just wanted to be the first to officially call the obvious out… You are a superstar who should pound down the Food Network studio doors, give each executive a platter of cookies; and announce that you are now available for their bids on your new show!

  2. Kaila, my mouth watered watching this video. You are definitely made for this. All you need is a cameraman so you can get all the great angels. I don’t know what it takes to submit your videos for consideration of a food network show, but I would watch for sure. Your presence on camera is near flawless! Your tone and pace, are soothing and easy to listen to. Your comfortability is obvious. I love it, I love it, I love it. I will shut up now! But after I order a batch of those apple pie cookies.

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